April's Piano Studio

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Giving kids the "keys" to succeed!
Located in Denton, Texas

Private piano lessons in a positive, fun learning environment for approximately ages 5 - 12!

For registration or questions:
call: 940-765-4363

or e-mail:


For a limited time, April's Piano Studio is offering one month of free piano lessons! To qualify, mention this special offer to the instructor, or fill out the form below!
What's included?  - 4 (30-minute) private lessons with access to the studio piano and musical games. The lessons will be given in concurrent weeks at the same day/time each week. 
Who can register? - Children approximately ages 5 to 12. April's Piano Studio specializes in piano lessons for this age group. Lessons are in a positive & fun learning environment.
Is it really free? - The instructor's expertise and time with the student is completely free. That is a $95 dollar value! There is only one fee ($15) to supply one piano book and sheet music. Students who study long-term require 3-5 books for each level, so one book is a great deal to try out lessons. There are no other fees or charges!
Why is it free? - It's a great (and FREE!) opportunity for a child to see if he/she wants to become a pianist and to see how enjoyable piano lessons are at April's Piano Studio.
Are there any obligations? - No! There is no requirement to continue with piano lessons beyond the four free lessons.

How do I sign-up? - Call Mrs. April at 940-765-4363, e-mail her at april@aprilspianostudio.net, or fill out the online form by clicking on the link below:

What makes April's Piano Studio unique?

1) Students learn to play a great variety of pieces in many different genres
2) Students learn holiday music like Christmas Carols and Halloween songs
3) Students learn about famous composers every month
4) Students listen to famous piano pieces each month
5) Students have access to fun musical games that strengthen their musicianship
6) Students receive a monthly Piano Explorer Magazine

7) Students have the opportunity to perform in several recitals each year (but are not required to participate!)

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